We work with lots of organisations from many different sectors. 


By the use of thought provoking questions to get to the nub of an issue and help you understand each other better and draw out how to improve what you do and the way you do it.

We make sure to follow up and stay in touch to help make the changes stick.


If you want to make a difference to your team that sticks then we are able to help you do this.









What clients say

" The trust and confidence the team felt was clear from the start, and

"A lot has moved on. We communicate more openly with each other and I feel we understand each other’s perspective better too. "


"We now communicate with each other according to the preferences of each staff, this has proved VERY useful especially when difficult topics have to be raised.

The atmosphere seems more relaxed and this is definitely helping us feel like a team"




"Thanks so much for the training last week,  It was amazing. You met the brief exactly and completely picked up on the fact that the team was already functioning well and that this was an enhancement rather than a development  exercise."


"The team responded to your approachable, open and confident style, and this helped them to relax and engage with the session. Feedback from the team is all positive."


"We really enjoyed the day and found it very useful and energising. Thanks so Much for your skilful and well held facilitation"






"Toby is highly skilled facilitator who has supported us through a significant period of change and strategic development. Through his unique and empowering style of facilitation he has enabled us to explore our vision, broaden our perspectives, refocus and come together as an organisation. We highly recommend!"


“Three months on we have seen a lasting shift in the culture of the team, just from that one afternoon. Everyone wants you back to continuing building on this, rather than do the traditional training that they normally ask for.”




"A lot has moved on since then thanks to the day sp

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