Team building that works.


Do you want your team to have a clear purpose, collaborate well and make quick effective decisions?

Discover team development that helps your team be supportive, respect others strengths and work together.


“Three months on we have seen a lasting shift in the culture of the team, just from that one afternoon. Everyone wants you back to continuing building on this, rather than do the traditional training that they normally ask for.” 

Manager - Grace Eyre


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A research based approach

Our facilitation is based on recent research from Sussex University that showed team identity is the key driver of performance. We use the TRIBE tools developed by the Great Teams Academy to strengthen and develop the five key drivers of team performance.

To understand your team

We gather information on the key areas that are important and tell the story of how the traditions, relevance and identity of the team set it apart and enable you to discover what the team need to feel they belong and to work most effectively together.

Be a more effective team

By taking the team through a series of tasks and activities we explore what it means for the team to work together well, discover how to plan, communicate and support each other effectively and learn lessons from the past in order to have a successful future. 

Make it work for you

We use a wide variety of creative approaches to facilitate the day, We make sure we use activities to suit the group and allow you to talk in a refreshingly open way. We use venues in the Sussex countryside and in vibrant Brighton or we come to you

See the big picture

You end up with a tangible output and a reference point for future discussions, decisions and actions to make a difference long term.The team are able to see how they work together well and learn a lot about themselves in the the process.

Make lasting changes

The approach we take has been proven to make lasting improvements to how teams perform.

We provide a process that is both enjoyable and provides significant insight and behaviour changes that are a stretch for the team and allow it to grow.


Put more on the table

One of the key things we do is create a safe but challenging space so people feel they can put more 'on the table' and issues that are often swept under the table or fears or hopes that people keep back are able to be discussed and resolved.

It's really is up to you

Let us know if there is something you want to achieve as a team and we will design a day that will deliver that.

We have years of experience and know what exercises and activities work for different groups.

Find out if we can help 

We always take the time to really understand your needs and assess whether our approach is the best one for you. Contact us for a free consultation to clarify your objectives and outcomes and for ideas of how to best improve your team. 


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