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Developing and building your team is really important if you want to succeed.

We believe in delivering team building that makes a lasting change. 


“Three months on we have seen a lasting shift in the culture of the team, just from that one afternoon. Everyone wants you back to continuing building on this, rather than do the traditional training that they normally ask for.” Grace Eyre


Have a look if you want team building that is energising and engaging and also helps you think your way through problems, discover strengths and weaknesses and to figure out how to work well together. 


Challenges to bind the team

 Taking you team through a series of fast paced challenges and competitions that test the mind and the ability to be flexible as a team, we will explore what this means for your team to work together effectively on projects, discover how to plan differently and  improve processes and learn lessons from the past to plan for the future.

Pull together

Have a powerful day learning how to work as a team by learning to row a Cornish gig together. Your team will learn how to respond to feedback, keep in time and support each other, at the same time getting to explore the beautiful river Ouse by boat.

You can also go out on a high speed rib and have the day captured by video drone. 

Discover your differences

Bring personality tools to life by having the time and space to discover what they really mean for your team.

Rather than having profiles done only to sit in a drawer you get to work through a series of thought provoking exercises, uncover peoples preferences in action and work out how your team can work best with each other.

Build your vision

Sometimes described as making your thoughts 3D,  Lego Serious Play is a process that creates an engaging hands on way of solving problems, sharing ideas and building a shared vision. 

These workshops bring a unique perspective to what it means to build something together and allow you to talk in a refreshingly open way.

See the big picture

Run by photography experts FotoDocument these workshops help teams to explore the power of the photographic image and foster both critical thinking and visual literacy.
Prepare to have an immersive experience, unleash your creativity, learn how to take better images and capture the essence of what you do through active participation.

Be fit to perform under pressure

An engaging workshop looking at how you can have resilience and the ability to perform under pressure. Taking place at Brighton Beach Volley Ball center this day will cover practical tools and techniques to keep focused as well as discussing how to eat well and exercise so that you are fit for work and able to have peak performance (and you get to test how this works on court).

Inspired by nature

Research shows that we can do our best bonding and be more creative whilst walking and being in nature. 

Delve into what makes your team tick and how it best operates with wellbeing and resilient approaches whilst enjoying the great outdoors, hiking a hill or going wild in the woods.

It's really is up to you

Let us know if there is something you really want to achieve as a team and we will design a day that will deliver that.

We have years of experience and know what exersises and activities work for different groups and how to achieve outcomes that last.

Deadlines and Headlines

Test how your  team reacts to pressure when faced with difficult decisions and imminent deadlines in a TV Newsroom environment. 
Led by expert BBC News reporter John Young, this fast paced, fun and interactive session will build your team’s confidence in ways you may never have expected. 

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