New ways of team building that work for a new world.


How do you lead and manage a team through uncertaintainty and change?


How do you help a team working remotely to perform well?


Its more important than ever for your team to have a clear purpose, to be able to collaborate well and make quick effective decisions, especially when working remotely.


Discover team methodologies and facilitation that helps your team be supportive, respect others strengths and work together well in these challenging times post Covid 19.


"This has supported us through a significant period of change and strategic development. Through an empowering style of facilitation it has enabled us to explore our vision, broaden our perspectives, refocus and come together as an organisation"


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What research on teams says

Our facilitation is based on recent research from Sussex University that showed there are five key drivers of performance. We use the TRIBE tools developed by the Great Teams Academy to strengthen and develop the five key drivers of team performance.

How to help a team adapt

We gather information on the key areas that are important and focus on how  the traditions, relevance and identity of the team set it apart and enable you to discover practical steps to take for the  team to feel they belong and to work most effectively together.

How to run an effective team

We identify the tasks and activities that you can implement to enable the team to work together well, work out how to plan, communicate and support each other effectively in uncertain times and learn lessons from the past in order to have a successful future. 

How to help your team talk

We use a wide variety of creative approaches to facilitate remotely. We make sure we allow you to talk in a refreshingly open way and discuss how your team can be effective working remotely more often or making plans in the face of uncertainty.

How to manage change in teams

The approach we take has been proven to make lasting improvements to how teams perform.

We provide a process that  provides significant insight and behaviour changes that are a stretch for the team and allow it to adapt.


Find out if we can help 

We always take the time to really understand your needs and assess whether our approach is the best one for you. Contact us for a free consultation to clarify your objectives and outcomes and for ideas of how to best improve your team. 


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